The Hotel

Those looking for a special place to feel good in La Palma will feel at home in the City Hotel San Telmo. The old house was built 350 years ago and was completely renovated as the hotel building was finished in 2008, complementing each other with style. Fully equipped with the best quality, attention to detail and an unusual location in the old town of Santa Cruz, the hotel offers both individual and business travellers many possibilities. At the Hotel San Telmo, the owners personally take care of you and make sure that you are having a nice stay.

Hotel Benahoare

Our second hotel, Hotel Benahoare, is a modern place with all amenities in the center of Los Llanos, the largest town on La Palma. It has been redesigned in June 2016 and offers to its guests a central and quiet location, personalized service, a good breakfast and a bar-café in an attractive place opposite the well-known Museo Arqueológico Benahorita. Here is the link to its webpage.

Your journey to La Palma

There are many ways to go to La Palma, from direct flights from a lot of European cities to a ship journey.
If you'd like some hints, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail!

Map of the area/How to arrive

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Food and drinks

To start the day we offer you coffee, tea and juices, as well as a fine selection of bread and pastries with a changing assortment of jam, cold meats, cheese and fresh fruit.
In the afternoon or evening, our guests can enjoy a cool beer, select wines and other drinks on the terrace overlooking the town of Santa Cruz.

History of the house

The old part of the house was amongst the first houses being built in Santa Cruz. In those times it was usual that houses had two entrances, one on each street. In case of an attack, while the pirates were knocking on the front door, the residents could escape through the back door. The building always housed a home and a shop or a small home manufacture: for instance, wax figurines for the church were made here. The old building housed one of the first daily papers of La Palma and the famous painter Manuel González Méndez was born here. The original house was built around 350 years ago, but was renovated and expanded a few times. The patio and the garden were built upon, the last time in 2005 with the Hotel San Telmo.